The Blatt Watch by Peter Blatt: Death and Government shutdowns teach us about financial planning (Palm Beach Gardens Financial Advisor explains the connection between death and the Government)

I spent the last two days, Sunday and Monday, attending two different memorial services. The Sunday service was a celebration of life for one of my clients. He was a strong, honest, and beloved man. The service was short, followed by a reception. His friends at the table that my wife and I sat at talked mostly about how much he was admired. It was as if his spirit was guiding us to focus on what is important in our lives. I left with a sense of peace and desire to emulate him.

financial planningThe second service was a large community service for the passing of a friend’s sister. She lived out of town and most people were there to support the Florida family. I left there seeing a community come together to support one of their own.

Traditionally, I find that death comes in threes. The third death is that of our Government. Congress, the President and politicians have all decided—to do nothing. The Government shuts down and we as American’s suffer. Could you even imagine working for the government and expecting your salary to stop and start and stop, over and over again? How does one plan if their job is on the line and has no control of their planning

I have come to some conclusions regarding these 3 separate events:

  1. Death is final, but it leaves behind a legacy of how people view you. The outpour of affection from your family and friends is a great indication of the life you led.
  2. Community is as important as a single person. The love that is shown by a group continues even after you pass away. This reminds me of how our economy continues even after a government shutdown.
  3. The shutdown of the Government has no long term impact on our stock market, it will do well or it will not do well. The more important element is to allow Businesses to operate. The mere fact that there is no ‘Government’ for a short period of time doesn’t change how businesses operate long term.
  4. There is certainty in death, things end. There is certainty in taxes, governments will continue—maybe ineffectively, but they continue.

The economy (stock market) will do well for the rest of the year. This is because companies are strong, and there has been a tremendous amount of quantitative easement that does not appear to be stopping or even slowing down. It is hard to stop something if there is no one (the government) to stop it.
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