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Peter Blatt, Esq.

Peter Blatt, J.D., LL.M., is an attorney specializing in Estate Planning and the Founder of Blatt Legal, PLC, located in Palm Beach County. He started his firm in May of 2002. Peter has an undergraduate degree in Accounting from Boston University. Peter also has a law degree from the University of Miami and an LL.M. in Taxation from the University of Miami. Before starting his law firm, Peter was the primary drafter of estate planning documents in the second-oldest law firm in Palm Beach County.

Peter previously served as the secretary of the Tax Section of the Florida Bar and as an editor of the Florida Bar Journal. His expertise has gained national recognition, with appearances in various law, tax, estate, and financial planning publications. Additionally, Peter is a sought-after speaker, having delivered numerous workshops, seminars, and conferences throughout his career.

Estate Planning Documents

Health Care Surrogate

A healthcare surrogate, often referred to as a healthcare proxy or medical power of attorney, is a document that designates a person to make medical decisions on behalf of you if you are unable to make your own decisions due to illness, injury, or incapacity.

Durable Power of Attorney

A durable power of attorney (DPOA) is a legal document that grants another person the authority to make financial decisions on your behalf.

Living Will

A living will, also known as an advance healthcare directive or healthcare declaration, is a legal document that allows you to specify your preferences for medical treatment and healthcare decisions at the end of life in case you become unable to communicate or make decisions for yourself due to illness, injury, or incapacitation.

Designation of Pre-Need Guardianship

This declaration is a Florida-specific form that creates a rebuttable assumption on your pre-appointment of a Guardian.

Last Will and Testament (pour-over Will)

The pour-over will is a companion document to the revocable living trust. It is a traditional will that serves as a safety net. It states that any assets owned by the deceased person at the time of their death should be transferred into their living trust (hence, "poured over" into the trust). The pour-over Will also designates your Personal Representative (the Executor in Florida) and waives bond for any probate administration.

Revocable Trust (Living Trust)

A revocable living trust, often referred to as a living trust, is a legal arrangement in which an individual, known as the grantor or settlor, places their assets and property into a trust for the benefit of themselves or others during their lifetime and for the distribution of those assets after their death.

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