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From the desk of Peter Blatt, J.D., LL.M. 

What a trip to New Jersey can teach you about investing

Last week, I spent several days in New Jersey – the Newark, Short Hills, and North Brunswick area. I had several client meetings and an opportunity to visit my old family home that I had not seen in over 23 years. When pulling up to my old home in North Brunswick, NJ, I noticed a familiar person sitting across the street. My old neighbor Larry Levitz has lived there for over 43 years. His parents’ home has become his home and he is taking care of both of his parents. I walked up and reintroduced myself to him. He asked me about my family, my sister, my mother, father and my brother. While having the conversation I noted that I felt like I was giving him closure. The “what ifs, wherefores, what happened to”, were all answered for him. I felt like when I left him, both he and I both had peace. I knew what happened to his family and he knew what happened to my family.

Imagine it is 30 years from now and we are having a conversation and recounting the amount of income you received from your investments.  We are laughing because it is a consistent amount and when you pass away; your family will receive a fair amount.  Now imagine you and I are having the same conversation today regarding investments. I am looking at you and saying you will have exactly this much income for the rest of your life and we can start that income within the next 20 years, and that your family will have a fair amount when you pass away. Now imagine that these two conversations are the same. That is certainty. That is closure. That is what a guaranteed investment can offer.

Living up north, we find people staying in their family homes, living there for over 30 years. Here in Florida, it seems that people move every 3 to 4 years. I have decided to draw a line in the sand and say no more. I am telling all of my clients, new and older, that I will work with them over the next 30 years. It is also my intention that I will continue to provide conservative, time tested, methods of investing. These will include guaranteed investments, institutional management, and good old fashion asset allocation.

Peter Blatt

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