Freedoms We Take For Granted

A few days ago walking my dog Jack, I noticed a neighbor hanging an American flag. As I walked by and thought how nice that was to display patriotism, I noticed American flags hanging on about 5 houses on the block. As I attend Physical Therapy for my right foot, and relearn how to walk properly, I think about how rare it is to see so many fags. The slow recovery of my foot and the strong belief in being united under our Government reminds me of how we can come out of this recession stronger. I would like each of us to come out of this recession without fear and with a strong desire to improve.

Last night was the second night of Passover, and we had less people attending than usual. Our conversation evolved around four topics in the form of questions. The first topic that went around the table was, “what do you look forward to doing once you are allowed?” I now ask you, what do you desire the most to be able to do after the virus has passed.

My answer was shaking people’s hands. As most of you know, I am by nature an introvert who really enjoys working with people. I enjoy educating my clients so they can make informed financial decisions. I enjoy implementing strategies that allow you to be successful in work and/or retirement. But, I really enjoy being with my clients and helping them. As I welcome someone in to becoming a new client, before any paperwork is reviewed, I shake their hand.

Now the second question, do you find that during the ‘stay at home’ time that you are spending less money? You probably are spending less because you are not going out to dinner or doing your normal recreational activities. Current times show us how little we actually need to spend. Now I am going to encourage you to look at your budget and see how much you are spending. Try to do it with the understanding that when the new normal happens you can go back to your normal spending habits or be more mindful of your expenses. The goal in retirement is to live well within your means. We are here to help you to live better within your means.

The third question, how are you dealing with the stress of our current times? The biggest problem that I am seeing is that in the past, people would use food, travel, or social interaction to avoid the ‘feelings of stress.’ With these items curtailed, it is harder to hide from stress. I would encourage each of us to find a special time to be in the moment and try to center ourselves. Some do this through meditation, others through walking in nature. This is our opportunity over the next few weeks to be at ease with ourselves and find times throughout the day to be calm.

The fourth question, what can we do to help others? There are a lot of people unemployed or underemployed in the United States and our community. I encourage you to help others in a meaningful way. Please do not put yourself at risk, but help as best you can. This will allow you to be mindful, less stressed, and more relaxed. We are all in this together.

Plan Today. Protect Tomorrow.

Peter Blatt

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